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Are you actually interested in learning more about Elivia Salt or did you click on the wrong button? Doesn’t matter! You’re here now, so why not take a minute to get to know me better?

I graduated, like many, with a degree in English Literature, bemoaning the common phrases, “So you’re going to teach?” and “There aren’t any jobs for English Majors!” that my fellow graduates likely heard. For a few years, I did teach, albeit in rural South Korea. It was there that my creativity really took off, thanks in large part to my young students’ desire to read something other than their textbook blurbs. When I returned to the United States, fluttering between family generosity and in search of work, that I was struck with a novel idea.

Get it? Novel idea?

My one-off fantasy book became an epic five-part series, which in turn branched off into another fantasy-mystery novel series set within the same world. Let’s contribute that second series to being a fan of Nancy Drew. There weren’t many female detectives when I was growing up, and as far as I can see, still aren’t.

There are mages, gryphons, alchemists, people with ancestral magic passed down by a mage relative who are considered to be touched-by-magic, and the untouched – those with no magic in their blood at all – in my world. Representations of diversity in gender, sexual orientation, and race are important to me.

I believe in well-rounded and complex characters, be they men or women (never call a female, fictional or otherwise, a “girl” if they are an adult). My antagonists are like-wise well-rounded and not entirely evil. There will be no, “I will end this world!” or “Kill everyone because I’m a baddie!” in my writing. Every character plays a part in propelling the story forward and provides alternative perspectives of the conflict.

Writing used to be a very personal thing. A story becomes an authors creation; their baby. No one wants to see their baby criticized or torn apart. I used to think publishing takes great courage and something I would be incapable of doing. Either aging or my experiences have toughened me up, for my face no longer heats at the idea of someone reading my words. My novels will not be the literary goldmines I studied at university, and that’s okay. If I can entertain you for a few hours, my goal as a writer has been reached.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little more. If you’d like to keep up-to-date with me or my series, subscribe to my email list. Your information is safe with me.



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